SC EPSCoR MADEinSC-MDB: Materials Discovery Database

-----Funded by National Science Foundation #OIA-1655740

Systematic accumulation of data and their usage are at the forefront of data-driven materials science. MADEinSC-MDB is our first attempt to develop a data platform for our community to exchange, share information of materials datasets. As a starting point, we provide here data and meta-data of the majority of materials data. MADEinSC-MDB allows registered users from universities, research labs to submit and share their materials data. Users are required to register with an email from .edu.* or .gov.* domains.

This evolving and open database is designed to encourage discovery by using the data in a 'secondary recovery' mode. Along with other research groups, we are developing software tools for data mining these database.

Recent submitted records


Jianjun Hu
Accociate Professor of computer science, University of South Carolina
Zhonghao Liu
PhD Student, U of South Carolina

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